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Semi-precious stone range

Fossil & Gem Creations CC of Johannesburg, South Africa has been granted sole distribution rights of finished semi-precious stone products by the leading manufacturer, Amazing Stone Ltd, in the Southern African region.

We are distributing the exciting range of custom made table tops, tiles and finished semi-precious stone products in an assortment of over 40 minerals including petrified wood, labradorite, feldspar, an assortment of jaspers, agates, quartzes and more.

Each product is unique as each stone is carefully selected and hand laid by highly skilled craftsman for maximum colour effect. There being only one manufacturer in the world makes this a very exclusive and sought after product.

The most striking feature is the translucent properties of the Quartzes and Agates which create stunning visualizations for evening interiors and creates unlimited backlighting opportunities.

The mineral selection, colour combinations, the addition of embedded fossilised ammonites and highly skilled craftsmanship merge to create the most stunning natural stone products known to man.

Semi-precious Stone Products

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Amathyst Atlantis Quartz Brioche Carnelian Classic Quartz Emerald Cream Emerald Quartz Erupution Quartz Fibre Optic Quartz Fossilized Hematoid Fossilizied Quartz Glow Quartz Natural Graphic Feldspar Hematoide Quartz Ice Blue Calcite Matrix Jasper Ocean Jasper Petrified Wood Picasso Calcite Picasso Agate Picasso Quartz Red Japer Retro Ocean Jasper Retro Petrified Wood Rose Quartz Septaria Serpintine Smokey Quartz Tiger Jasper Twilight Jasper Wild Agate Wild Quartz